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In going with the flow of the changing times and attempting to satisfy the deep need for contact, community and face time – we have taken the plunge and saddled the horse!!

With the challenge of scheduling and the various ages of kiddos, it can be daunting to make it out of the house for a sip of time to ourselves – let alone a meeting half way across town that has no parking. OR better yet, you live on-the-go or a lifestyle is not conducive to a local network…. perhaps a far rural community with little-to-no like-minded parenting, or worldschooling where community is far and few between??? Whatever the case is for you, we have a solution for you to connect and feel supported!

UP_live ribe2From the comfort of your own home!  Behind the wheel of your car!!  In the middle of a kiddo class!!!  Sitting on the beach lolling at dusk!!!!  It’s YOUR CALL!!  UP_live ribe3You can be mobile or stationary – whatever, however, whichever you choose!!! Join us as we connect with friends near and far!!  Bring your anecdotes, ideas and dreams!! Our hope is to include as many time zones, continents and humans that we are able to accommodate!!!

Meetings are held the first Wednesday of the month at 9pm CST.

Spread the word and enlarge the herd!!!

Your Terms for Agreement (and some FAQ):

In agreeing to participate, we adhere to the following cooperative principles:

1.) Be kind

2.) Respect differences

3.) Be considerate of share and response time

4.) Speak from your own experience

We are very fortunate to have such a benevolent group!!!!  Everyone is so warm-hearted and kind!!!  Groups don’t always go that way!!!!!!!  We have been involved in many things and there always seems to be “that one…” (fill in the ellipsis)!!!!  That said, it makes the call so much more enjoyable to know there won’t be any goofy shenanigans!!! You are safe and supported among this parenting group! We’d love to have you here with us!


Now…. before you join the UP VLT, here are FAQ that may come to mind:

1) May anyone join in?
The VLT is geared toward those who are homeschooling, unschooling, life-learning, worldschooling, or similarly. It is a parents support meeting for those who intend to follow one of these vast philosophies and do not have their children in traditional school settings.


2) How do I join a call?
Contact and let us know you’re interested! We now host on Google Hangouts to avoid the annual cost Zoom was incurring. We would LOVE to have you join us!


3) Will I have to do this every time I want to join a meeting? 

No. Once you have been invited and you are a part of the guest list, your contact will be added to each future meeting, whether you are able to join it or not is not imperative. But if you find yourself free to join a meeting, please do so!


4) What is the annual charge?



5) How will this meeting work?
UP is hosting through Google Hangouts. Once you join the group, you may join any 1st Wednesday of the month you happen to find yourself free! Topics have previously been designated, but as the ebb and flow of the group has taken shape it works very well to free-flow the group discussion based on members needs or desired topics at the time of the calls. You may video chat or phone in, it is totally up to you. (Most do video chat, with a few phone ins.) 


6) Are there meeting topics for each meeting?
Yes, each meeting serves a specific topic, however this is also meant to be a fluid supportive group. As best we can, meetings are geared by designated topics. We ask members participate both on a ‘give’ and ‘take’ basis. Some topics you may have more to offer than others. Likewise, you may be eager to hear from seasoned pro’s on other topics. In addition, subject matters/topics will be sent out upon your invitation to the meetings. Utilizing each call to gear where topics may or may not lead to subsequent meetings. Ebb and flow!

As such, we will be hosting an 8-week series of topics. Once we have gotten through the 8, we will lather, rinse and repeat. The beauty of bringing back topics is delving deeper, finding enlightenment and newness to subjects that seem to always be ‘hot’ topics to discuss amongst us parents! Topics will begin as follows:

Week 1: Familial Freedom! Time is OURS! (Travel, Sleep, Love & Learn)
Week 2: Significant others (or not!)!?
Week 3: Learning Styles & Personality Differences
Week 4: FUN! What’s that like in your family?
Week 5: Parents and deschooling ourselves!
Week 6: Societal and familial push back. How do you cope?
Week 7: TRUST factor. What maintains your motivation and inspiration to continue your journey
Week 8: Balancing and accommodating – EVERYone in the family! Kids and PARENTS too! How do we satiate all interests, passions, hobbies, etc with each member of our unit?


If you have further questions, do not hesitate to email And…. as usual…. feel free to share the news about VLT! 


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