Let’s Get Real – Radical Unschooling

We’ve covered a ton so far, but here is our chance to truly get real about Radical Unschooling. Join Paula, Nancy and Amy as they debunked the myths and truly get real about radical unschooling. Join in this lively discussion on Wednesday at 3:30pm (Feb. 24), ask questions, share experiences, build a tribe. This is going to be a B.L.A.S.T!

Meet Paula, Nancy and Amy:


Paula Sjogerman, mom of two always unschooled now adults, is a theater artist and arts administrator living in the great city of Chicago. She likes Shakespeare, singing and short walks on the beach. Her unique and diverse experiences – including being a certified teacher and too many years of after school programs – formed her solid and steadfast “unbelief” in the current institution of school. She is unabashed in sharing what she stands for, will speak loudly about it, perhaps also jumping up and down.

Nancy Machaj first learned of unschooling & radical unschooling while she was pregnant with the first of her two children.  She knew instantly that she wanted to live this way!  Today, her 11 and 8 year old children have never been to school.  Nancy is very involved in the Chicagoland home/unschooling community and helps connect families through discussion groups, online and in person. You can count on her showing up at park days and various local meet-ups.  Nancy will share from her experiences how she has navigated the freedoms of radical unschooling and how it has evolved over the years. Nancy loves her tribe and community, and is looking forward to meeting lots of new friends at UP!

(Co-Founder, Co-Organizer of Unschoolers Platform)
Amy Jarjusey has an unquenchable thirst for spying a need and fulfilling demands. As a co-founder and sole coordinator of the AJ Collective Workshops she is constantly peering outside the box determined to supply everyone involved with new classes, fresh experiences and a place where families can gather, develop friendships and provide support to one another. Amy doesn’t take “no” for an answer and conversely doesn’t give “no” for an answer! With Amy there is ALWAYS a way — it’s never “DO?” — it’s always “DONE!” On the home front, she and her dedicated husband Seringe, are the anchors to the foundation of life learning that their 5 children are all deeply ingrained in as they sail about their days — crazy busy — but always connected!!


We’re just hours away from closing registration! Join us for some fun!!!


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You Have Options!

One thing that was always imperative when we commenced planning of the Unschoolers Platform, was that we would make it accessible to as many folks as we could possible make it. Being outta the gate for the first time, we were unfortunately unable to offer scholarships or assistance in that way, however we did have a discount period. We did have specials. We had a few give-aways to participate in, and finally, the special offer by which folks could indulge in a payment plan. We are THRILLED these options have helped several folks sign up and prepare come to participate in the upcoming Key Lime Cove bash!

In this final day of registration, we’d love to reiterate the options that are present to you at this point in time. Options that help your family come and participate in the conference fully to the best of your ability and availability. To gain knowledge, share experiences, support the launch of this brand new conference, as well as build a very special communUP_optionsity of like-minded folks.

Let’s get started….

You certainly have options when it comes to registering! We want it to work for the most of you!

First, there is the straight-up family registration that covers all of the talks, funshops, family events, vendor hall. Anything conference scheduled and related. This is, by far, your most valuable and worthwhile option. You may find the registration form HERE.

There is still a 2-payment plan option. You may pay in part by the deadline on Jan. 22nd and then pay the balance on Feb. 5th. This option and registration form may be found HERE.

You may also pay for just a day rate. If you find yourself only available to come to one of the days, or partial of the conference time, you may purchase the day rate that suits your family best. (Options only available if they equal less than the family registration fee.) The day rate registration may be found HERE.

Then…. if you plan to stay directly at the hotel. Our conference hotel group rate is only available until Monday, January 25th, 2016. Please plan to book your hotel room by this date to receive the group rates. You may find all information HERE. You may also consider sharing rooms. Rooms sleep up to 6 folks in a room with an additional fee beyond the 2nd guest. Still cheaper than booking a whole new room on your own, if you know friends who’d be interested in sharing!

If you will not be staying at the hotel, but rather commuting to and from the hotel daily, or on the days you are able to participate, you have the option of purchasing Water Park Passes through the Unschoolers Platfrom on or before Feb. 15th, 2016. You may purchase your waterpark passes HERE. (This option is only necessary if you are not staying at the hotel and you would like to swim. Swim passes are included in your hotel guest stay rate.) Passes will not be available for purchase on the day-of the conference dates. Pre-purchase necessary.

And finally…. if you are coming on a day-rate pass other than Wednesday, or if you will not be attending at all, however would love to join in the Family Dance and/or the Tween & Teen Dance, you may purchase tickets for this HERE. (Do note, you do *not* need these tickets if you have purchased the Family Registration or the Wednesday Day Pass. They would be included in registration fees.)

Ooops…. one more finally, and purely optional. If interested, you may purchase you and your family a conference t-shirt HERE. They will *not* be available onsite at the conference unless, and only if, you pre-purchase them through UP HERE.

That’s the ins and outs of it all. We do hope that all of these vast array of options suit folks. We can’t express enough how much gratitude we have for all of the support of this first time event. It’s proving to be a great one and we are thrilled at all that UP has to offer folks right outta the starting gate!

Questions? Don’t hesitate to email us: unschoolersplatform@gmail.com




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Waterpark Day Passes NOW AVAILABLE!!!

Organizing the first UNSCHOOLERS PLATFORM CONFERENCE has been one HOOT of a ride!!  So many folks have reached out with suggestions and Amy and I have carefully considered all that have come through!!! One of the MAJOR wants from the Chicago base was the ability to come and join in for a day (or all days), but not incur hotel costs – to be able to gather with like minded families in the community without staying at the resort.  That has ALWAYS been an option but until now Key Lime Cove was unwilling to offer day passes to the waterpark at all, outside of hotel guests.  Long story VERY short — and after ceaseless rallying — the resort has finally agreed to offer a day pass for those who wish to attend the conference for the day or family rate and  also get a romp in the waterpark!!


Here’s the deal:

(1) Choose your day/time and availability to drive on up and participate in the conference. If you choose DAY RATE registration, you may register HERE. If you choose a FAMILY registration rate so that you may come and go as you please and attend the events that interest everyone the most (your very best value), you may register HERE. AND…. do not at all forget that we still have the Unschoolers Platform SPECIAL available for a 2-payment special for families it will assist! You can register HERE for the 2-payment special!!!


(2) Pop on over to the Unschoolers Platform SHOP HERE. Purchase your day waterpark passes. Once purchased, they are non-refundable, non-transferrable. They are only good for the days of the conference, Monday, February 22, Tuesday February 23, and Wednesday February 24th. They may be used for a four hour window, 10AM – 2PM each day of the conference. You need one waterpark pass for each person for each day that you plan to swim. This value will *not* be honored outside of these days, times and location terms. **Waterpark passes must be purchased in advance. They will *not* be available at the door.

We are just SOOOOO excited to be able to extend this newly developed offer to our local peeps!!! Many expressed concerned about costs, wanting to participate in the conference AND the waterpark. And NOW we are able to provide what has been requested!!!

Just 7 more days to register!!! Can’t wait to see you there!!!


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