Dads! Dads! Dads!

We are SO very excited to have Vlaiko join us in gearing up the Dads! stuffs at UP 2017! Dads unite! Have a blast! It’s going to be a special FUN time! DADS!  DADS!!  DADS!!! Circle up and join Vlaiko … Continue reading

Excitement mounting!

Whoop! The funshops are IN and we are getting a schedule drafted for your curious eyes asap! Shirts are IN and ordered! You’ll be SO excited to receive yours at the conference registration tables! Conference wristbands in print and on … Continue reading


We have so many cool folks coming to share their companies, products and more with our conference go’ers! We are excited to have them here in just a few weeks from now! If you take a peek at the side of our web page =========================>
you’ll see a few of them that are going to be present! We’re EXCITED!!

If you know of any other interested vendors, there is still some space for them! Have them check out our vendors tab (up top). Has all of the info needed to determine if this is a good fit for them!

Just a few more days till reduced rate registration ends! Take advantage now! 😉  See you in a few weeks!!!

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UP Deadlines

I’m sure time creeps up on you as quickly as it does me…. such is life with kids! 😉  As such, here is important deadlines approaching faster than you may anticipate! For starters – Reduced registration fee ends Friday! THIS … Continue reading

ABC’s to UP

UP Families! We realize there has been a TON of information flying around about Unschoolers Platform conference! Perhaps tying it all down in one unique, spiffy and tidy list for you will help? We sure hope so!!! Let’s GO! (1) … Continue reading

Life is Good!

That it is! Life is GREAT! Are you a conference junkie like myself??? 😉 Conferences (homeschool, unschool, life-learning and everything in between) are such a beautiful way to come together with like-minded people and feel like you belong.  Be among … Continue reading

Meet Andrea

Rounding out our exciting panel: “Let’s Talk Philosophies! Meet a panel of homeschool, unschool, and life-learners and dig deeper in the ‘day-in-the-life’ topics” is Andrea. We are so pleased she will be joining us this February and feel you’ll enjoy meeting … Continue reading

Dads Doing Their Dad Thing!

We have two very special men coming together to offer a very lively discussion with other dads…. doing their Dad Thing! You don’t want to miss out on hearing their experience and sharing yours! Meet Christopher and Danny who will … Continue reading

Let’s Get Real – Radical Unschooling

We’ve covered a ton so far, but here is our chance to truly get real about Radical Unschooling. Join Paula, Nancy and Amy as they debunked the myths and truly get real about radical unschooling. Join in this lively discussion … Continue reading

Meet Helen!

We are excited to have a plethora of amazing local homeschoolers come to offer their experiences to the Unschoolers Platform! Tuesday of the conference at 11:15am there will be a panel of speakers leading a discussion: “Let’s Talk Philosophies! Meet … Continue reading