Unschoolers Platform is being hosted at Timber Ridge Lodge in Lake Geneva, WI! As such, we have opted to discontinue the physical presence of a vendor hall, and rather further our business sponsorship program. As homeschoolers we value the resources of our vast community and we want to be sure that ALL homeschoolers near and far hear about your company.

As such we have in place our business sponsorship program! This is a nominal way for you all to support our endeavors for the homeschool community *and* for our community to help your business! As a sponsor we would provide support to you for a full year from the date of your donation.

For $150 annual donation, we will advertise your company on our website for a full year with banner of your choosing. (Development of your clickable banner included in price.)

For $275 annual donation, we will not only advertise on our website, but also include your business on all social media outlets, which include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as one of our sponsors.

And, for $350 annual donation we will include all of the above as well as include your business materials at the welcome center at the conference this February 2019, as well as print company logos, as UP sponsors, on any conference materials. (This option has a deadline of January 1, 2019 for product printing purposes.)

Your contributions are invaluable to us, and ever-so-appreciated. If you have questions, please email us at unschoolersplatform@gmail.com

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