Our keynote speakers 2018 are truly magical this year! We feel very honored and blessed to be hosting Nick Hess, The Unschool Dad, and Teresa Graham Brett of Parenting for Social Change! Please join us in welcoming them and our many other wonderful discussion group hosts, breakout session hosts, and funshop hosts for an awe-inspiring 2018 family event!


Nick Hess,  a.k.a. on Facebook as The Unschool Dad,(Instagram @theunschooldad) lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife Rosy and their 5 always unschooled children, ages 17, 14, 11, 9 and 6.
Self-directed learning seemed natural to Nick ever since he was a child himself, so when he and his wife learned about unschooling while considering education choices for their two eldest daughters when they were little, it seemed like the perfect fit for their children.  The Hess family has been on this wonderful journey ever since!
In addition to unschooling, Nick’s other passions are entrepreneurship, traveling, cooking.



Teresa Graham Brett shares her life with partner Rob and two young people, Martel and Greyson. She started ParentingforSocialChange.com as part of her own journey to unlearning the beliefs prevalent in our society that adults have the right to control and dominate children merely because of their status as children. Taking her social justice education work in Universities, she began to understand, write about, and develop programs that address how adult control and power over children and youth set the foundation for other forms of oppression to continue.
Teresa’s mission is to work with other parents and individuals to do inner work as a foundation for outer action that ultimately liberates individuals, groups and communities. She also works as Associate Dean of Students for Inclusion at the University of Arizona. Teresa writes for various publications and serves as Vice President of the Board of Directors of Families for Conscious Living. Along with Dieudonne Allo, she co-founded Alliance for Parenting Education in Africa and has developed curriculum and workshops for parenting circles (Iziko) in South Africa.  






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