speakers 2019

This year UP is taking on a rebirthed format! Counting on all of you to bring your amazing discussion groups, talks, workshops and more for us to touch on all subjects on the spectrum of homeschooling, unschooling, and life in general (and not so general)! Everyone has a story to tell, everyone has a story to share. Everyone has something to hear, and everyone has something to say. We want to create a week of community sharing. Through the natural evolution over these past few years, the most exciting, insightful, inspiring talks have been round table discussions such as these, and boy there is a LOT to discuss! So this year’s gathering will focus on what we all bring to the table to share! We are excited to see how truly intimate and inspiring this year is going to be! Please feel free to reach out if you have topic of discussion, talk or workshop you’d like to suggest, participate in and/or coordinate!

Updates will be posted here as they become scheduled!


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